My first excebition..

January 2, 2017

 Prepping for my first ever exception. It's just a small one at a really nice cafe in Stockholm. And will show about 5 photos for about a month.

I have always wondered if I was just lazy to not have done one before. But now that it will be real on thursday, I realised its fear.

Instagram is easy, and never really cared for likes or followers. But this is old school. This is physical. 

And I'm not at all scared of people not liking it. Or criticising. We like what we like. Simple. But I think I find it scary that people will like it. 

Stupid i know. But I have always been afraid of being seen. Find it awkward. Maybe I choose the wrong line of work haha. 


So anyhow, if you are in town stop by have a look and have a coffee! Thursday 5/1. Mellqvist Kaffebar at Bysistorget.





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