I started a blog! And the video is here!

December 18, 2016


It's finally here. The video we started back in april. Awesome artist Johanna Hagström wrote this amazing song about her breast cancer back in 2013.

She wrote about the ugly side of it. We had long talks about what video to make. 

I had just a few month back lost my mum to breast cancer so maybe it naturally became clear we wanted to make it about the struggle, but the silent one. The private one. The side of it that is too real, but not always the side you show when people are looking. The honset harsh truth.

Because cancer hurts, weather you lost someone or you are the sick one. It hurts!

And people around you tells you: Be strong! You can do it. Together we will win against cancer! 

But not everyone wins, not everyone gets to live. Not everyone wants to be strong all the time.

Because it kills and its scary. And it sucks. 


We choose to place the story in the laundry room, a place common to everyone. A place where time stands still. That is calm and quiet.

Three amazing women joined us. My sister Tone, my friend Nadja and Johannas college Bonita.


The video is shot with a Sony A7s and Samyang lenses. Most of it is hand held and a few shots I used an Isee gimbal. Then edited in Premier Pro and graded with Davinci. My friend Philip was a champ and help with the post bit with the shots of mum in the video.


I really hope you enjoy it!


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